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Hearing from another homestead rabbit journey

I just came across this new blog post by a fellow homesteader just starting out with rabbits. We’ve just crossed our first year of raising rabbits and since the first litter was born in February, we’ve had litters of 9, … Continue reading

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PBS’ Food Forward

We just watched the episode Meat Matters from the PBS show Food Forward.I highly recommend this episode specifically, but we were impressed with the pilot episode and the others look promising as well. Personally, we’ve gone to purchasing our meat … Continue reading

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Our Backyard Chicken Timeline: The First 6 Months

We’ve passed the first 6 months and all five of our chickens now laying eggs, so it seemed a good time to share some of the major chicken milestones at the Wolske Urban Farm. Perhaps this timeline and the associated … Continue reading

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Backyard Rabbits

With just a few minutes of time a day, backyard rabbits can provide you with a plethora of laughs and awes as we enjoy breakfasts and dinners on our back deck watching their antics; a rich source of manure for our garden; and ultimately affordable ($3/pound), ultra-healthy (most protein, lowest fat and calories), sustainably produced meat and pelts. With luck this post might encourage you to give this a try as well. Continue reading

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