Google Satellite Image of Our House (“Front” is to the Left)

The Wolske Urban Farm is located on a corner lot in the Southwood subdivision of Champaign, IL.  It takes up most of our side yard and is slowly creeping into our front yard.  We grow both fruits (Strawberries, Pears, Apples, Blueberries, and depending on your stance, Tomatoes) as well as a range of vegetables.  We’ve never been a big fan of chemicals and over time have gotten better at growing things organically.  We’re learning about the importance of strategic crop rotations, companion planting, beneficial plantings, improving the quality of our compost, using season extenders like low hoop houses, and the use of quality seeds to improve our returns.  We’ve also been doing more with preserving produce and making more of our food from scratch so that we maximize the nutritional gains from our labors.  This blog will share stories from our experiences in our garden and kitchen after we leave our full time (and then some) professions and come back to our cozy house in our sleepy city neighborhood.


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  1. j. en says:

    I volunteered at last year’s Garden Walk and spoke w your son about hops. He expressed interest in starts. We now have some cuttings of several varieties if still interested. Julie En, master gardener, julieen@gmail.com, two17 3four4 56eight5 txt friendly.

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