November Finished Cold, Dry in Illinois

The permaculture principles of “observe and interact” and “slow and small” are good ones to keep in mind as we reflect on this past year’s gardening season. For many of us, some things did better than expected and others did quite poorly. For instance, for many the tomato harvest was smaller and shorter this year. So observationally, it’s good to consider the exceptional climate year we’ve experienced. And as such, we should be slow to make significant changes based on this past year’s results, and whatever we do change should be relatively small.

Illinois State Climatologist

November finished both colder and drier than average for Illinois. The statewide average temperature for November 2014 in Illinois was 34.3 degrees, 8.2 degrees below average and the fourth coldest November on record. November 1976 was the coldest at 33.4 degrees.

The cold November was not confined to Illinois. November was colder than average for most states from the Rockies eastward (greens and blues in the map below). Just like the winter of 2013-14, the Midwest saw the largest departures from average. Meanwhile, warmer than average conditions prevailed in California and the Southwest.  I discussed the cold central US from January through October in 2014 and how it does not match the rest of the world here. It will be interesting to see the global results for November.


January – November Temperature

The average temperature for January through November 2014 was 50.9 degrees, 3.5 degrees below average. It was the second…

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