PBS’ Food Forward

We just watched the episode Meat Matters from the PBS show Food Forward.I highly recommend this episode specifically, but we were impressed with the pilot episode and the others look promising as well. Personally, we’ve gone to purchasing our meat from Old Time Meat and Deli in Champaign, the Common Ground Food Coop in Urbana, or local farmers like Moore Family Farm at the Urbana Market at the Square and paying the extra for quality meat raised in more humane ways. Then we just eat less meat. What once might have been a single meal for Angie and I now may last a week as we add bits of leftovers to salads or a sandwich. I liked the ending, where the one CEO said the goal is to take what is now a specialty and make it a common choice.


About mwolske

I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.
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